This Congressman Has Had It, Rips Trump To Shreds On The House Floor (VIDEO)


Hakeem Jeffries is done messing around. He may be relatively new to the House of Representatives, but it looks like he’s taking a page from Democratic firebrands who came before him. He has laid out his demand for the President’s tax returns so they may be reviewed by Congress, and he wants them before the House will consider any tax measures:

Jeffries is no slouch — before joining the New York State Assembly and eventually Congress, he served as a lawyer with a prominent firm that represents Guantanamo detainees, so he knows how to make demands of the government. He’s also the Whip for the Congressional Black Caucus, and sits on the committees for the Judiciary and for Education and Workforce.

It’s safe to say that his followers were on board:

A handful of the many messages of thanks

Maybe @smlyc was the most stoked, though:

There’s no guarantee that Rep. Jeffries’ demand will even be addressed by Trump, let alone acquiesced to, but it certainly sets the tone.

Featured image via screen capture.

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