This Fox And Friends Tweet Did NOT Age Well, And The Internet Won’t Let Them Forget It


As Donald Trump headed into his fifth straight day of golf after declaring that he was headed “back to work” after Christmas, the internet was just about sick of it. For a guy who tweeted about Obama’s golf habits as often as he did, the optics of Trump golfing roughly 30 bazillion times in the first year of his presidency are about as bad as it gets.

Fox News’ flagship morning program Fox and Friends was just as guilty as the Duffer-in-Chief of criticizing Barack Obama for things they’ve gone on to give Trump a pass on. On August 21, 2014, F&F tweeted this:

That was after Obama had played 192 rounds of golf, six years into his presidency. In fact, there were plenty of people keeping track of how much golf the Lazy Black Guy™ played:

That last tweet is particularly funny because Whitebart was trying to compare Obama to the guy before him. Tragically, they have not published any such article for the current head of state, because it would just be too hilarious for words — Saturday marked Trump’s 90th round this year, which would put him on track, if he served as long as Barack Obama served, to play nearly 2.5 times as much as Obama did. And that doesn’t even take into account that Obama played less his first year than in subsequent years… If Trump followed in his footsteps, he would rack up at least triple the rounds.

You can click on any one of those still-posted tweets and see what the internet has updated them with since these hypocrites have been silent on Trump’s golf habits. Here’s a sampling of some of the best:

But tone-deaf assholes on the right have no shame, and they will never, ever even think about the hypocrisy they’ve shown so far in Trump’s presidency.

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