This Is Day 8 Of Trump Not Giving A Sh*t About Dead Green Berets


Alleged President Donald Trump is too busy blowing up health care and complaining about kneeling NFL players to mention the four men killed in an ambush in the West African country of Niger last week.

The attack, which appears to have been directed by the Islamic State in Greater Sahara, killed Staff Sgt. Bryan Black of Washington state, Staff Sgt. Jeremiah Johnson of Ohio, Sgt. La David Johnson of Florida and Staff Sgt. Dustin Wright of Georgia.

So far, Trump has not said any of their names. He has made no official statements about them. He has not even tweeted.

By contrast, Trump has complained about “fake news” and bad press 17 times on Twitter since the attack. He also fired off six tweets about professional football players kneeling for the national anthem, staging a scene with his vice president on Sunday in order to press the issue.

On that same day that he made such a fuss of supposed dishonor to veterans, Trump played golf instead of meeting the fourth soldier’s coffin at Dover Air Force Base.

But the silence extends beyond the White House. As Sophia Tesfaye points out at Salon, “Fox News has failed to mention the infamous terror group in its few on-air reports of the four dead Americans.”

“Instead, the conservative cable news network reported on Monday that U.S. troops were on the verge of successfully running ISIS out of Iraq,” she notes. “On Tuesday, Fox News host Greg Gutfeld delivered a monologue demanding that Trump be given the credit.”

Of course, the Republicans in Congress who endlessly investigated the 2012 Benghazi attack show no interest in understanding what happened last week, either. Maybe that’s because they did nothing for several months while the Pentagon asked for additional resources to provide better support for troops spread out over a very large region.

The team of roughly a dozen Army Special Forces in Niger were on what officials said a routine reconnaissance mission, and when they were ambushed, no American helicopters came. The French military, based about 275 miles away in neighboring Burkina Faso, scrambled to help, eventually rescuing the casualties and providing attack support.

[…] Had the American Special Forces been in Iraq or Afghanistan, American or allied aircraft and medical evacuation helicopters would have been minutes away — the result of experience from two long wars and contingency plans tested by American wounded and dead.

Trump’s silence on dead American soldiers is all about propping up his flagging ego. The Fox News editorial line is about fluffing an embattled president. Republicans have no interest in fixing any shortfalls, just attacking their political enemies.

And where is the conservative movement that made such a long, loud hue and cry to lock up Hillary Clinton over Benghazi? According to, their anger is focused on Republicans in Congress for failing to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act, especially Mitch McConnell.

Apparently, America’s best warriors are expected to die quietly and make no fuss when their heroism is inconvenient.

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