This Mexican Congressman Proves The Wall Is An Absurd Idea (TWITTER)


Among the MANY arguments against a border wall on the US-Mexican border, is the question of would it actually work? Is spending the time, labor, and funds worth it all to build a wall? Would a wall actually stop the flow of illegal immigration that comes into the US?

One Mexican congressman decided to answer that question.

ABC News reported:

“Braulio Guerra, a congressman from the state of Queretaro, tweeted photos and a video of himself perched atop a 30-foot tall fence that separates the Mexican border city of Tijuana from the U.S.”

Along with photos of himself sitting atop the wall is a photo of two other people climbing the wall at the top. He commented:

“I was able to scale it, climb it, and sit myself right here. It would be simple for me to jump into the United States, which shows that it is unnecessary and totally absurd to build a wall.

It’s easy, and it shows how unnecessary this project, this political rhetoric from Donald Trump, is.”

Image via Twitter.

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