This Old Fool Just Said He’s ‘Better Looking’ Than The ‘Slightly Younger’ 33-Year-Old Dem Candidate


During a campaign rally Saturday night for state Rep. Rick Saccone (R) who is running for Congress in Pennsylvania, Trump bizarrely called the Republican candidate, “handsome.” When speaking of Conor Lamb, the 71-year-old former reality show star claimed that he is better looking than the 33-year-old Democratic candidate. President Dummy Shorts also claimed that Lamb is “slightly younger” than him.

“He’s trying to act like a Republican,” Trump claimed. “I hear he’s nice looking, I think I’m better looking.”


Trump also took credit for the success of the 2018 Olympic games. He called NBC’s Chuck Todd a “sleeping son of a bitch” and launched attacks on every news network except for Fox ‘News.’ President Shithole also lashed out at former presidents.

Trump also insulted Rep. Maxine Waters (R-Calif), calling her a “low IQ individual.”

“And Maxine Waters, a very low IQ individual. Did you ever see her?” President Stable Genius told the crowd.

What’s worse than Donald Trump acting like a bully, is the support he gets from the crowd every time he lashes out. At some point, the fever is going to break and they’ll realize exactly what they have enabled. Everyone who supports him should be thoroughly embarrassed. Their thin-skinned so-called president lashes out at his critics because he can’t handle negative coverage. What a shit show. It’s as if he can’t stop himself. His mouth opens, and he just pours out insults so that his supporters will cheer him on. He looked at the crowd and asked, “Do you like me?” WHO DOES THAT!

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