This Opinion Poll On DACA Decision Is Going To Make Trump Very, Very Sad


When Republicans elected Trump last year, they knew he was a racist bigot. They needed someone like him to fulfill their agenda. However, they never thought that their elected president could be such a heartless, shameless, horrific creature. I mean they knew he was, but they didn’t think he would cross all possible limits.

Trump’s weak response to the Charlottesville incident triggered his own supporters to speak against him. Many of those who voted for him, condemned his reaction and publicly acknowledged their fault.

With the elimination of DACA, Trump thought he was standing with his election promise of kicking out immigrants and his former voters might support him again. But the opposite happened. People strongly disagreed with the former reality TV host, and later when President Obama commented on Trump’s announcement, many said they want him back in the White House.

As per a poll by Morning Consult and Politico, 76% voters believe the immigrants who arrived as children, also known as ‘Dreamers’ should be allowed to stay.

Obama and now Joy Reid have said what we all know: That the decision is not needed from any security point of view. It is simply politically motivated.


Now that Trump has ended the program, he’s put the ball back in the court of Congress, who have tried for nearly two decades to pass something like it. With hard-line anti-immigrant politicians both in Congress and inside Trump’s inner circle, that’s not very likely.

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