This Republican Congresswoman Isn’t Sure If Her $75 Million Fortune Qualifies As ‘Rich’


I know, it’s too early to be thinking about Christmas. But if you’re looking for anything to get for Donald Trump and the Republicans in the House and Senate, they have their list narrowed way down, and since “clean” coal doesn’t exist, you can’t really put that in their stockings.

They want tax cuts.

It’s really all they ever want, actually. Well, tax cuts and a nice juicy war. But it’s pretty hard to sell the idea of a war to the American public these days, after the debacle in Iraq and our seemingly endless engagement in Afghanistan.

But they don’t want tax cuts for everyone, because someone has to pay for the war they might eventually be able to convince people to support. Even Republicans understand that they can’t just print money — they have to get it from Americans.

Now, you have to be pretty creative to sell the idea of passing off America’s expenses onto the poor and working class. In fact, you have to be pretty practiced at lying, or at least twisting definitions into what you want them to be, to convince anyone that tax cuts that benefit the rich aren’t tax cuts that benefit the rich.

Fortunately for the GOP, they have a built-in base that’s, um… Let’s just say gullible. But for those that aren’t, a Congresswoman from Tennessee’s 6th District has a pretty unique angle to take on it:

“I’m always careful about calling people rich because, what’s rich? Is $1 million rich? Is $10 million rich? Is $1 billion rich? So I want to be careful about that. But we really want to be sure that … there are some pieces in there besides just the marginal rate, such as getting rid of the [alternative minimum tax]. There are some other pieces in there that do help those at upper income.”

That’s House Budget Committee Chair Diane Black, a Republican who’s been in the US Congress for just 6 years and somehow — miraculously — worked her way up to literally holding the purse strings of America.

I wonder if it could have anything to do with her personal wealth of $75 million, mostly from real estate and holdings in her husband’s company, Aegis Sciences, a chemical and drug-testing company in their home state.

She was talking to Fox Business’ Trish Regan, who wondered whether the GOP tax plan would “sock it to the rich.” Black appeared to be arguing that millionaires might be considered “middle class” by some.

That’s news to us, Diane. Down here in the real world, the median income is right around sixty grand a year.

Anyway, it looks like these Republicans are getting their Christmas goose a little early. They’ve passed their budget on to the, um, Upper Middle-Class President to sign. That means tax cuts aren’t far behind.

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