This RNC Photo Proves Trump, GOP Have A Huge Problem With Women


The Women Vote Trump event at the Republican National Convention was supposed to help Donald Trump and the Republican Party with their image problems, but instead it proved just how unpopular they both are. A few moments into the first speaker’s remarks, journalist Laurie Penny tweeted a picture of the empty room.

Advertising flyers that asked, “What Women Problem?” seemed very ironic to Penny, who explains at that Trump fans on Twitter accused her of faking the image.

By the time the event actually kicked off—half an hour late when it became clear that no, nobody else was showing up—there were, to my count, thirty-five people in the room. That included the six speakers, the organizers, volunteers and press.

“It is impossible to hold anything like rational debate through this sort of looking-glass,” Penny says of the angry denials, noting that confirmation by other journalists in the room was not enough to convince the most passionate Trump supporters her picture was real.

Having covered Tea Party ‘founding mother’ Amy Kremer before myself, Penny’s impression that she was enduring a scene out of Lewis Carroll’s Through the Looking Glass is strikingly familiar to me: Why, sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast” pretty much describes Trump Republicanism to a huge, gold T.

If one wants to be a Republican these days, they must first believe that Barack Obama is a Kenyan-born Muslim who secretly harbors a hatred for America and wants to destroy us from within. In order to wear the ‘conservative’ label, an otherwise-rational human being must first reject climate science, and then in its place substitute a global conspiracy of leftist elites intent on replacing capitalism with Soviet-style central planning.

That’s six impossible things in one paragraph, and we haven’t even touched on the full insanity of raging authoritarianism and patriarchy on display in Cleveland just last night.

But don’t worry, we can get to it all in the next couple of days before this hatefest is done. In fact, we are barely getting started. Rep. Marsha Blackburn (R-TN), who spoke to that empty room, is scheduled to speak on Thursday in prime time, so expect her to endorse the Planned Parenthood ‘baby parts for cash’ hoax that she can’t stop investigating.

And expect the Grand Old Party to remain utterly clueless how their message of fear and paranoid fantasy fails to catch fire with American women.

Featured image: Twitter. 

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