This RNC Speaker Posted A Meme Calling Hillary A C**t & Is Defending It


I believe if you’re going to ask someone to speak at your political affiliation’s national convention, you should vet them just as stringently as you would your VP pick. You definitely vet them when you can’t get anyone to speak at your convention, and you start searching for anyone with even the tiniest amount of name recognition to stand up and speak for you. If anything, you should vet them more because they aren’t in the limelight as much, so they are forgotten. Until you give them the primetime spotlight. That’s when their Twitter timeline comes back to haunt them.

Scott Baio, the moron who believes Obama is a secret Muslim, tweeted something fairly interesting that really shows you how low the standards have fallen in the world of politics.

In a tweet where he says, “This may be the best meme out there…” Baio attached an image of Hillary Clinton with a banner behind her that obviously says the word ‘Count.’ However, Clinton is blocking out one key letter in that word, the O. So, it’s reasonable to make the assertation that Baio is at the least insinuating Clinton is… well… the C-word.


Mind you, I love to use the C-word. I see cursing as an art form. I also don’t like Clinton… at all. However, I’m also not getting up on stage to speak in one of the most important presidential elections in America’s history. There’s a sense of professionalism that you would expect from someone speaking at the Republican National Convention, and it’s definitely a lot more than someone who posts a meme insinuating Clinton is a c**t.

Baio is, of course, trying to defend himself on Twitter as he receives an onslaught from those who agree it’s unacceptable. Baio tweeted:

Here’s a picture. Show me exactly where I CALLED her, a name or anything? @allieri @THR @HuffingtonPost


You don’t have to call her anything. By sharing the meme and saying it’s the best one out there, you’re insinuating and agreeing Clinton is the four-letter C-word that many women, including Republican women and church-going Evangelical voters, find especially offensive.

Baio also tweeted:

“I’ll explain it slower this time. LOOK at pic.Word is COUNT you can think or assume whatever you want @allieri @THR”


I’ll explain it slower also. You are getting the honor of stepping on a stage in front of a nationwide audience in primetime – something you haven’t seen in an extremely long time. You are there to make the case for your candidate. You’ve openly admitted your nervous as hell. It doesn’t even matter if it’s Trump or Santa Claus in this example. It’s someone you have faith in and you want to see be the next president of the United States. You don’t post memes with any insinuation of the word c-u-n-t in it. You be on your best behavior. Okay? It’s inappropriate. Don’t do inappropriate stupid things Scott Baio.

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