This Trump Donor Shot Two Homeless Guys, Then Murdered Their Lawyer After Losing In Court


At only age 39, Attorney Tom Pickert had a long life ahead of him. Successful, too: He was already a partner at his law firm, and if the case he most recently won is any indication, he was good at his job.

Pickert filed a lawsuit against a businessman from the Kansas City suburb of Raytown, MO, after the man admitted he shot two transients he accused of stealing copper from one of his businesses, the Babee Tenda Corporation, which makes safety products for infants and toddlers.

David Jungerman was found liable by a judge after one of the two men he shot lost his leg as a result of his injury, and Jungerman was ordered to pay almost $6 million in damages.

Jungerman was a well-known Trump-supporting right-wing kook, who once put up a “billboard” on the side of a defunct semi-trailer with the phrase “Are You A Producer Or A Parasite? Democrats — Party Of Parasites” in large lettering across the side.

Source: Twitter

Ironically, Jungerman himself had, by the time he erected the sign, collected over a million dollars in farm subsidies from the federal government.

And about that support for Trump? You betcha:

That’s the maximum amount a single, personal donor can give to a political candidate.

But Jungerman was none too happy about losing a business just because he decided to permanently disfigure someone over a few dollars worth of metal. And like every dumbass conservative, he figured the problem wasn’t that he violated the law, but that someone successfully busted him doing it.

Now that David Jungerman has taken the law into his own hands, he’s going to lose a lot more than just a business or his home. When they catch his ass, he’s going to lose his freedom, maybe for good.

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