Tired Old Man Can’t Find Huge Limo Which Is Right In Front Of Him, Wanders Off (VIDEO)


Our low stamina so-called president arrived back in the U.S. and after deplaning from Air Force One, he appeared to be walking to his limousine which was right there in front of him, larger than life but instead, the tired old man wandered off, seemingly in a state of confusion. Donald Trump took a right after walking to the limo. It seems he was drawn to the crowd cheering him like a magnet. But the car was RIGHT THERE IN FRONT OF HIM. A really chill guy came up to help the brain-addled 71-year-old find his way back the car, then Trump had a look on his face, ‘Oh, there it is!’


This has happened before. During a press conference with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Trump wandered off.


And again!

We could do this all day.

Holly O’Reilly, who tweeted the videos, is blocked by Trump. During his time in office, former President Barack Obama never blocked one person on Twitter.

Trump’s mental health is in question, and we’re thinking that’s why he exaggerated his inauguration crowd size, and why he thinks gazillions of illegal votes were cast during the 2016 presidential election. And why now, he wants to prove he won the popular vote (he did not win the popular vote) by requesting every state send Kris Kobach – who can’t even comply with his own request – its constituents voter information. Trump is trying to dox every single American just to soothe his ego. So far, 44 states are not complying with his crazy-time request.

By the way, during her time as Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton traveled 956,733 miles without breaking a sweat.

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Featured image via screen capture. 

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