Toddler Takes Mom’s Gun And Shoots Her In The Butt


A Lake Placid, New York, toddler got hold of a loaded gun and shot his or her mother on Tuesday.












Lake Placid Mayor Craig Randall said a 3-year-old accidentally shot the gun at an apartment complex, according to WCBV.

Randall said he didn’t know how the child got hold of the gun, or what kind of gun it was, but said they believe the shooting to be ‘accidental.’

We are confused. How is it an accident to leave a loaded weapon within a toddler’s reach?

Officers responded to the apartment complex around 9:00 a.m. on Tuesday.

Police say the mother was shot through the buttock and abdomen.

She was transported to a local hospital where she was listed in stable condition.

The victim’s name was not released, but officers said the mother as 24-years-old.

The Lake Placid Police Department and New York State Police continued to investigate Tuesday afternoon.

Officers said they did not believe the public was in danger, but we beg to differ. When this woman is released from the hospital after being shot in the ass, she needs to lock her firearm up in a gun safe and add trigger locks – the latter of which can typically be obtained free of charge from local police stations.

We are pleased the toddler was not harmed.

The NRA believes if the mother had a gun, too, she could have defended herself from the Little Second Amendmenter.

Last December, a two-year-old Idaho boy shot and killed his 29-year-old mother in a Walmart after finding the woman’s weapon in her purse.

At least the New York mother is alive.

We’re going to go out on a limb here and suggest that allowing toddlers to have access to guns is a very bad idea.

A Tulsa, Okla., toddler last year got hold of a handgun his mother used in the Army Reserve and shot her in the head. The 26-year-old mother was pronounced dead.

And don’t even get us started on 2015. It’s been a banner year for the NRA.

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