Top Trump Donor Blows His Stack Over Trump’s BS: ‘I Would Break His F*cking Thumbs If I Could’

Top Trump donor brings the hammer down. How would you feel if you were a top Trump donor who'd invested thousands of dollars in his campaign, only to find he won't stop acting like Donald Trump.

How would you feel if you were a top Trump donor who’d invested tens of thousands of dollars in his campaign (and gotten friends to donate as well)…Only to find your candidate refuses to stop acting like Donald Trump.

Seriously, Mein Trumpf should know his presidential campaign’s in serious trouble when a top Trump donor’s so ticked off at his shenanigans, he vents his rage into the eager ears of a political reporter.

The Hill‘s Jonathan Swan got quite an earful from a top Trump donor, as he shared on Twitter Wednesday morning.

Swan then added this top Trump donor’s so ticked off he’d “break his f—ing thumbs if I could.”

Wow. Just wow.

Which outrageous statement set this top Trump donor over the edge?

It’s hard to tell what, exactly, pushed this top Trump donor over the edge. Trying to find the offending action, statement or tweet would be like looking for a needle in a haystack.

Did he lose  it when he heard Donald Trump asked “why can’t we use nuclear weapons?” three times during a national security briefing?

Or maybe the top Trump donor’s outrage has something to do with Donald Trump gloating after a veteran handed him a Purple Heart, “so easy. I always wanted one.”

And there’s the way Donald Trump’s supporters booed a military mom for asking VP candidate Mike Pence how, as a military dad, he can stand for Trump’s disrespect towards the military.

And then there’s that thing about Donald Trump refusing to endorse top Republicans who’ve already endorsed him.

And then there’s Donald Trump’s ongoing war of words with Khizir and Ghazala Khan, the Muslim immigrant parents of a fallen war hero who’ve called him out for his offensive statements again and again.

Obviously, this top Trump donor has no qualms whatsoever about Donald Trump’s appalling and hateful statements against Muslims, Hispanics, immigrants and women. Otherwise he (it’s most likely a he) would have turned off the cash spigot long ago.

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