Top WH Adviser Says Trump Twitter Feed Could Defeat North Korea (VIDEO)


It’s hard to keep track of Trump’s whole team in the White House, so sometimes it can be handy to group them according to what apparent role they play. For example, there are the faces: Kellyanne, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, Hope Hicks, etc. They’re the people we have to look at while we listen to Trump Facts™ and denials to the press. Then there are the would-be wonks, like Jared, John Kelly, and H.R. McMaster. Those guys are supposed to make the Trump White House look like a real thing, instead of the circus it actually is.

But it always seems the most influential group with Trump’s ear are the racists.

Leading up this group is, of course, Steve Bannon. Maybe we’ll assign him a capital R for this category, where someone like, say, Stephen Miller just gets plain old “racist.” But in boldface and all caps — RACIST — is Sebastian Gorka. He gets a more striking typeface because while Bannon mostly hides behind the scenes and does his nefarious work in the dark, Gorka wears his shittiness proudly.

The problem with the racists, other than the obvious, is that they’re also incredibly stupid. I mean, I guess you have to be, but these guys are just champions at it. And being the biggest racist of them all also saddles Gorka with the burden of commensurate idiocy.

That’s why it was no surprise to me when Sebastian showed up again on Fox News this morning. Where else do idiots have to go? He didn’t break out in song or anything, but he did venture into previously uncharted territories of dumb. When Fox’s Bill Hemmer asked him what “card” the administration had left to play to get China to act on North Korea, it was like a setup for a joke that Gorka missed.

In fact, let me just set this aside for any Trump spokespeople who may read this: If somebody sets you up with a “playing cards” bit and you don’t say “The TRUMP card,” you’re just bad at your job. Just sayin’. Anyway:

We have, you know, the president’s Twitter feed. If you can win a U.S. election with it, I think it’s pretty powerful.

Is he serious? No, he’s stupid.

Watch the video here:

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