Totally-Not-Racist Georgia Man Points Gun At Road Crew: ‘I’ll Kill You Ni**er’ (VIDEO)


Living in the South can be a very difficult endeavor, especially if you are African-American. Almost everywhere you go, there are ignorant white people who think that black people are the problem with America. These totally-not-racist imbeciles cling to their guns, their ‘Murikkkan and Confederate flags while screeching about freedumb, n*ggers and Mexicans. It seems like every other day we see a news story about these special people and today is one of those days.

An elderly (extremely racist)  Georgia man, 72-year-old Harold Bishop, is facing multiple charges after he became enraged that a road crew was doing their jobs. According to the Coweta County Sheriff’s Office, Bishop pointed a gun and threatened to kill the road crew because he was trying to get home but the road he was driving down was closed for construction. Nelson King, one of the men on the work crew, told Fox 5 Atlanta that he pulled out his cell phone and began recording the angry man after he pulled a gun out on them.

“He pulled up on us and he was like get the n-word off the road, I live here, I kill you n-word,” said King.

One of King’s co-workers called 911 while he recorded the incident and Bishop fled the scene. Clearly not the brightest crayon in the box, though, he soon returned to the scene of the crime and a sheriff’s deputy witnessed him throw a beer bottle out of his window. When police searched his car they did not find a gun, but luckily, King had the video evidence to prove that the angry drunk had threatened his life and the lives of the entire road crew.

“I showed police the video and they seen the gun when he pointed it at us, they were like ‘oh he’s got to go,’” said King.

The deputies arrested Bishop and charged him with five counts of aggravated assault with a firearm, weapon pointing a gun at another, terroristic threats, DUI, and violating his probation. Bishop is currently sitting in a jail cell, probably complaining that the “evil blacks” to all of the other white supremacists serving time.

The right-wing likes to push a narrative that we would live in a post-racial American utopia if only minorities and liberals would stop talking about racism. Obviously this is not true. We live in a country where an open racist is running on the Republican ticket and millions of citizens are looking at Donald Trump with admiration. We live in a country where members of the GOP claim that liberals are the real racists because we do not tolerate their intolerance. We live in a country where an angry white man threatens to kill construction workers because they are working on the roads while black. And we live in a country where the son of a presidential candidate can compare refugees to poisoned candy and nobody on the right bats an eye.

The terrifying thing is that all of this racism will become the new normal if Trump becomes president and that’s why it is so damn important to vote blue in November.


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