Troll Photoshops Sikh Man’s Image As Paris Attacker, Newspapers Report Him As A Terrorist


A photoshopped image is circulating not only in the media, but on social sites which depicts a man – who is actually a Sikh and had no role in the Paris attacks — as a terrorist.














Say it with me now – Canadian resident Veerender Jubbal is not a terrorist.

India Today reports that Jubball is an active participant of the GamerGate controversy that revolves around the promotion of sexism in video games.

Twitter user @abualut8 first shared the image along with the words,  “BREAKING, one Islamic State attacker in #ParisAttacks was a Sikh convert to Islam.”

Later the tweet was deleted after other Twitters users questioned its authenticity.

We can’t seem to locate the account in question.

In the doctored image, the Sikh man is wearing a suicide bomb vest and holding a Quran, however, Jubbal posted the original image on Twitter to show the tweet is false.

Jubba’s response to the uproar is perfect after noting, “In gauging this entire incident–millions upon millions of people have seen the photoshopped images, and have placed me as a terrorist.”

He’s ‘cute.’

He’s not lying. 



















Another paper reported the same thing. Geez.     

The best response ever: “Learn the difference between me being a Sikh, and a Muslim. Cry in mug, while I use your tears to water my garden.I am valuable, and rad.”

Yeah, thanks gamers for putting your own issues ahead of security – not just in this country but worldwide. We hope there is a knock at your door soon while Mr. Jubbal refreshes his garden with your tears.

We, too, at Freak, love tears. We drink ’em in the morning and drink ’em at night.

We reached out to Mr. Jubbal but he’s apparently buried in mentions and we hope he’s on the phone with his lawyer preparing to sue the nasty little troll who put a twitter user at risk, because video games.

Big thanks to my pal @TheBaxterBean for helping with this post.

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