Trump Admits It: ‘I Know’ Counties That Voted For Me Will Be Screwed With Trumpcare (VIDEO)


Fox News host Tucker Carlson’s interviewed the current occupant of the White House on Wednesday night and the former reality show star just basically said the counties that supported him are fucked under Trumpcare.

Carlson mentioned that some conservatives are a bit skeptical of Trump’s strong endorsement of Paul Ryan’s health care plan.

Vox reports:

Carlson noted that one centerpiece of the American Health Care Act is a huge tax cut for rich investors. At the same time, he added, “a Bloomberg analysis shows that counties that voted for you, middle-class and working-class counties, would do far less well under the bill than counties that voted for Hillary.”

Trump’s said, “Oh, I know. I know.”


Trump simply added that “it’s very preliminary.” From there, Carlson reminded Trump that his proposal doesn’t match up with the outcome of the election.

Trump said, “a lot of things aren’t consistent, but these are going to be negotiated. We’ve got to go to the Senate, we’ll see what happens in the Senate.”

Trump supporters will be largely affected by the GOP’s health care ‘plan.’ States that turned out to voted for Trump will end up paying thousands more for insurance under Trump’s preferred health-care plan.

Trump doesn’t care, though. He just said so. We need to start calling it ‘Karmacare.’

As far as Trump’s insane conspiracy theory claiming that former President Barack Obama had his phones wiretapped, the amateur president said he would submit some “very good stuff.”

When pressed on the issue, Trump said,”Let’s see whether or not I prove it. I just don’t choose to do it right now.”

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