Trump Admitted The Real Reason For The Timing Of Arpaio’s Pardon, And It’s DISGUSTING


When Donald Trump pardoned Sheriff Joe Arpaio, people on both sides of the political aisle were sickened. Arpaio, who has been nicknamed ‘America’s Most Racist Sheriff,’ has a long history of racially profiling Latinos. He was convicted of criminal contempt by a federal judge after failing to comply with an order to cease and desist from doing so. According to Arpaio, he did not follow the court order because:

Nobody is higher than me. I am the elected sheriff by the people. I don’t serve any governor or the president.

That apparently means he is not obliged to follow the laws of our country.

In a classic Trump-style manipulation of the news cycle, Mr. Trump hinted at the possibility of pardoning Arpaio during a recent rally in Phoenix, Arizona. Instead, he said he would wait to announce it because it would be “too controversial” to do it then.

When Trump finally did announce Arpaio’s pardon, he chose to do so right as Hurricane Harvey was about to make landfall in the Southern United States.


In a stunning statement on Monday, Donald Trump admitted to pardoning Arpaio during that time because of the possibility for “higher ratings” if he announced it during the hurricane. Said Trump,

I assumed the ratings would be far higher.

As in, so many people would be on social media checking to see if loved ones were safe that his “show” would get more viewers.

Our president, Donald J. Trump, rather than being concerned about the citizens of Texas and Louisiana, saw that moment as an opportunity to gain more attention for his pardon of the most racist sheriff in the nation.

Shame on you, Mr. Trump. That level of blatant disregard for hundreds of thousands of American citizens who are facing the worst disaster to strike the United States in recent history is shocking, even for you.

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  2. I feel sick, I think I like it better when he lies.

    What did I just say?!?!?!?!

    We will never be what we were.

        • His desired repeal of DACA, Transgender Ban, promoting coal, oil, and nuclear power, cutting environmental regulations, denial of global warming, trying to give OUR land to developers for exploitation, pardoning Joe Arpaio, refusal to deal with Russia’s attack on our election, taking meetings with foreign agents for the express purpose of attempting to tilt the election, the Kris Kobach fraudulent Election Integrity Kangaroo Kommission, normalizing Nazis & the Klan, promoting bigotry, threatening to collapse Obamacare, opposing the Paris Accord, pushing for tax breaks for the 1% and pennies for everybody else (and even tax increases for the poorest), trying to remove newly acquired overtime protections. pushing for healthcare for people that DEVASTATES the poor and elderly and those with pre-existing conditions, making outrageously high GDP assumptions for his budget, the trashing of the State Department, demanding that America pay for a stupid frigging wall (the ladder concession will be a goldmine) on the promise that someday we’ll get payed back (and we sure can trust him on that based on his numerous bankruptcies, right?) increased mortgage insurance payments for FHA loans, trying to delay or block the fiduciary rule that would have required retirement advisers act in the client’s best interest, federal hiring freeze (way to treat those vets, eh?) proposing massive cuts to housing and community support programs, attacked the CBO for having the audacity to have opinions that weren’t to Republican’s preferences, proposed funding cuts to small business development programs, proposed massive cuts to WIC (freeloading babies, amiright?) repealed an anti-bribery rule, rolled back protections of drinking water in Coal Country, proposed cuts to support of OUR national parks, stopped rules that controlled the dumping of toxins by power plants into our water, proposed budget cuts for heating assistance for low-income Americans, lied repeatedly about MILLIONS of fraudulent votes which attacks the integrity of our entire democracy (and also shows that he’s not just a sore loser, he’s also a sore winner,) two Muslim and refugee bans, bankrupting the Secret Service while lining his own pocket, a law weakening the firearms background, proposed budget cuts for the Teenage Pregnancy Prevention Program, proposed de-funding Planned Parenthood which provides healthcare to more that 2.5 million people per day, proposed massive cuts to Pell Grants which helps the little guy get a college education, appointed a dishonest charter-school owner in charge of the Dept. of Ed, appointing for-profit college officials to the D of E that aren’t DeVos, proposed eliminating after-school programs for children in public schools (where the children of the little guy go to school,) proposed cutting $9 billion from the D of E and spending $1.4 billion on “school choice,” appointed a bigot and civil rights opponent to the top law enforcement position in the country, rescinded Obama era rule to stop contracting with for-profit prisons, eliminated LTBGQ people from surveys which would show whether or not they were being treated fairly, appointed anti-LTBGQ hate-group members to top admin positions, proposed cutting funding for finding a cure for HIV/AIDS, his proposed budget would cut drastically into programs to protect against and defend and respond to disease outbreaks like Zika…

          Everything I listed does not help, and definitely hurts, the little guy.

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