Trump Agrees, ‘Likes’ A Tweet Calling Him A Sh*tty President (IMAGE)


Don’t ask me why, but in the wee hours of the morning our so-called POTUS Donald Trump “liked” a tweet calling him un-presidential.

“Please, after several typo’s, he’s just not Presidential material,” Twitter user Slyn wrote.

Maybe Trump was sitting in his bed all alone in the dark with his cell phone, but “like” that tweet he did. A regretful click to say the least. He blocked Slyn immediately.

Leave it to Twitter users to get in on the joke because responses began to flow fast:

As reported, Slyn’s tweet was the seventh response in a thread that brought both supporters and opponents to the table.

Who knows if Trump really meant to jam his stubby finger on that little “like” icon on his phone, or if he even read the message. He’s been known to retweet so many things, from white supremacist memes to Fox news comments declaring him the best president ever. Period. End of story.

The White House did not immediately respond to a request for clarification as to why the so-called President would like a tweet saying he is not presidential material.

Other hilarious Twitter responses to Trump’s second “heel” faux pax, include:

And my favorite:

When it comes to Donald Trump, you just can’t make this stuff up. And you don’t have to, which is the best punchline of all.

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Image via screen capture with added text.

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    • With basically a two party system of government, if you did not vote for Clinton, you may as well have voted for Trump. I would have preferred any other choice of candidates, but as usual, you vote against who you don’t want to win the election.

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