Trump Blames Democrats For Failure Of A Program He Personally Repealed Four Months Ago


Sometimes it seems like Donald Trump thinks he’s the Magician-in-Chief. He believes that simply by being in office, everything good that happens around him is because of his magic touch.

But the problem isn’t that Trump is delusional enough to believe that, say, bonuses negotiated by unions before his tax cut passed are because of the tax cut, or that he’s personally responsible for keeping the skies safe for commercial jet passengers during all of 2017, including before he was inaugurated.

And the problem isn’t so much that he thinks he can just say things and they will be or become true, like the size of his inauguration crowd or the “biggest tax cut ever” that wasn’t even close.

No, the problem is that Trump likes to f*ck things up on purpose and then blame someone else for it. That way, his options are on the table. He could swoop in, reverse his own decision, and pretend like he’s saving America from the “bad guys” who actually did that bad thing he says was them. He could just let whatever bad thing it is play out, then point at his designated bad guys and blame them for everything that went wrong.

But his favorite thing to do is a combination of both, and that’s what he’s doing in his latest Twitter craziness:

That’s right — Trump is actually trying to blame Democrats for uncertainty on DACA, the “Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals” program that he repealed in September.

And really it isn’t just that he’s trying to blame Dems that’s so outrageous. It’s that he thinks the communities who are affected by his decision will not only forget who f*cked them over, but will actually “fall in love” with the GOP.

He either thinks they’re the dumbest bloc of voters since the Trumpsters who put him in office, or this tweeter just nailed it:

I’m guessing it’s the latter.

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