Trump Busted For Lying About ‘Letters Of Praise’ From News Anchors After Meeting (VIDEO)


Late Wednesday night, being CNN’s most popular anchor really paid off for Anderson Cooper, because he got the privilege of covering one of the funniest stories of the day.

Coop tore the Orange One apart over his claims – after a bipartisan meeting over DACA, immigration, and border security – that he had gotten “letters of praise” from news anchors about how it was “one of the greatest meetings they’ve ever witnessed.”

That’s hilarious right on its face. The fact that Donald Trump was able to say that to anyone with a straight face should be concerning to everyone, even his supporters, about his ability and willingness to lie about anything and everything.

The CNN superstar did his best not to laugh his way through the “Ridiculist” segment, in which he showed footage of the president speaking to reporters. And the thing about a Trump lie is that it can never be small, so rather than just footage of him saying he got some letters, what Anderson has is a reel that shows Donald Trump saying the most ridiculous sh*t any president has ever said, because he’s obsessed with getting “good ratings,” because he apparently thinks he’s still on a TV show.

“Got great reviews by everybody other than two networks who were phenomenal for about two hours. Then after that, they were called by their bosses and saying ‘oh, wait a minute.’ And unfortunately, a lot of those anchors sent us letters saying that was one of the greatest [long pause] meetings they’ve ever witnessed … They probably wish they didn’t send us those letters of congratulations, but I’m sure their ratings were fantastic.”

Let me break this down: Trump is presenting a lie about some fictional letters that he never got from news anchors that never sent them, then getting so far into the lie that he implies he physically is in possession of the letters, because now The Anchors “probably wish” they didn’t send them, because he totally has them, you guys.

It was like throwing Anderson Cooper a fastball down the middle.

Starting with some heavy sarcasm about how the United States Postal Service did such a great job delivering those letters so fast — “so fast it’s almost like it wouldn’t even be humanly possible,” Cooper went on to completely OWN Donald Trump live on air.

It only gets better from there, so enjoy the video:

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