Trump Called Nancy Pelosi For Tweeting Advice, And Boy Did She Give Him Some


I know you probably don’t have Donald Trump’s Twitter account sending you notifications like I have to (I do it so you guys don’t have to). But if you’ve read any news at all this morning, you know that Trump tweeted out a “reassurance” to young DREAMers who may be concerned about their status since the announcement that DACA was ending:

Well, for once, we know that a tweet of his came from somewhere besides straight out of his ass. This time, it turns out, Trump actually called Nancy Pelosi and asked her how to make the issue clear. She told him to use his favorite platform and tweet it out to the world.

The move makes sense. It’s been clear that Trump was having a hard time wrestling with the wishes of his white supremacist overlords, and trying to weigh just how racist he was himself against the perceived cruelty of booting young, hard-working kids who for all intents and purposes are American out of the country into a land they don’t know.

During the press briefing in which she confirmed she spoke on the phone to Trump, Pelosi noted that he had told her on at least two occasions that he would sign the DREAM Act, a move that would certainly frustrate hard-line anti-immigrants like Steve King or even Kris Kobach, Trump’s voter ID guru.

It would be incredible, after sixteen years of stalling in Congress, if any president were to sign that bill. It would also be a major victory for Democrats.

The cynic in me, however, believes that Donald Trump is setting himself up to promise to deliver that victory in exchange for one of his own. If Trump ties approval of the DREAM Act to the building of a border wall, it will be a non-starter for Democrats.

I guess we’ll find out in six months.

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