Trump Calls Slavery ‘Our Heritage’ In An Early Morning Tweet Supporting GOP Candidate


Donald Trump is at it again, publicly professing his love for a Republican running for office who his base might call an “establishment candidate.” The former head of the Republican National Committee, Ed Gillespie, just barely beat his red meat racist opponent in the primary — by about 4,000 votes, actually — and now Trump is eager to shepherd Ed back into the fold, just to make sure someone with an (R) after their name wins the Governor’s race in Virginia.

It’s not that Gillespie isn’t the kind of soulless asshole you need to be in order to belong to today’s Republican Party. However moderate Ed may have been at any point in his career, he’s still an abortion-banning, Bible-thumping, tax-cuts-for-the-rich conservative that low information voters across the country love to elect.

But Trump just put a crown on Gillespie’s head that he may not have expected to wear.

During the primary, Gillespie’s opponent, Corey Stewart, was the true conductor of Trump values: He didn’t just kiss Donald’s ass during the race, he built his platform on a hatred of immigrants and a love of Confederate statues.

Now Stewart’s gone, and Trump has decided that somebody has to defend those monuments to slavery. And he’s decided it’s Ed Gillespie.

I don’t think Trump knows much about the Commonwealth of Virginia. The economy there is actually pretty robust, although it’s no surprise Trump would try to paint it as so bad, only a Republican can fix it. It kind of goes hand in hand with his national insult “Make America Great Again,” as though it isn’t or wasn’t already.

But those statues. There’s Donnie again, blowing that racist dog whistle. In one sentence, he brings up “saving” the “heritage” of slavery and also crime, which is intended to tie the two together in his supporters’ minds — crime is committed by people who don’t honor our heritage (of slavery). Hmm, I wonder who he could be talking about.


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