Trump Campaign Now Drastically Lowers The Amount He Raised For Vets


When Donald Trump skipped a GOP debate because Fox News hurt his feelings in January, he opted to hold his own televised fundraiser for veterans. It was a self-promotional effort to show his love for veterans. By the end of the night, Trump announced, “We just cracked $6 million, right? Six million.”

Questions have been raised as to where that money is. Last month, Trump’s campaign adviser said, “I could ask, but it’s not high on my priority list.”

And today, Trump’s campaign now says that number is incorrect, according to the Washington Post.

Campaign manager Corey Lewandowski said the fundraiser actually netted about $4.5 million, or 75 percent of the total that Trump announced.

Lewandowski blamed the shortfall on Trump’s own wealthy acquaintances. He said some of them had promised big donations that Trump was counting on when he said he’d raised $6 million. But Lewandowski said these donors backed out and gave nothing.

“There were some individuals who he’d spoken to, who were going to write large checks, [who] for whatever reason . . . didn’t do it,” Lewandowski told the Washington Post, adding, “I can’t tell you who.”

Lewandowski also said he did not know if a $1 million pledge from Trump himself was counted as part of the $4.5 million total. He said Trump has given that amount, but he declined to identify any recipients.

In addition, Lewandowski said that he did not know the exact total of money raised for Veterans, or how much of it still remained unspent.

How does that even happen?

Even after Lewandowski corrected the figure of the amount raised, the Washington Post calculated that only $3.1 million in donations have been made to veterans’ groups. That leaves $1.4 million which is not accounted for. That’s a lot of money.

Trump repeated his initial announcement about $6 million in TV appearances and Iowa rallies. “At that rally we raised, in one hour, $6 million. Is that good?” the billionaire candidate said.

As questions were raised as to where that money went, Trump told the Washington Post, “Why should I give you records? I don’t have to give you records.”

To reiterate, Trump claimed to have raised $6 million. Now it’s $4.5 million with $1.4 million unaccounted for. This is money meant to go to our country’s veterans.

Trump also feels that his tax rate is, “None of your business.” He also wants keys to the White House.

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