Trump Caught Being Total Jerk To Melania In Video He Doesn’t Want You To See (VIDEO)

It's hard to feel sorry for Melania Trump, just because she married a cad. Yet moments like this tug at even the most frayed of heart strings.
Photo: Video screen grab via Twitter.

It’s  hard to feel sorry for someone as wealthy and attractive as Melania Trump, just because she married a cad. Yet moments like this tug at even the most frayed of heart strings.

Americablog’s John Aravosis caught it on a video from an unidentified news station, and posted it on Twitter. After Saturday’s rally in Melbourne, Fla. the Trumps headed back to Club Mar-a-Lago in West Palm Beach. As they descended the stairs from Air Force One to the tarmac, the president once again acted like a total heel.

Instead of helping Melania as she teetered down the steps in her red Louboutains, he went ahead and entered the waiting limo without her. Donald Trump then doubled down on his rudeness by refusing to move over so she could join him. We then see a resigned Melania walking around to the other side of the car.

If we were talking about someone halfway normal, we could just chalk it up to a bad day. Perhaps the president couldn’t slide over because he hurt his back or the nuclear football sits in the middle and is too heavy to move. Yet these awkward moments between Donald and Melania Trump seem far too common.

For starters, what was up with that bright smile that swiftly sagged into a frown during the inauguration? And why was Melania standing behind him instead of next to him?

And here’s that awkward moment where Donald Trump strode up the White House steps leaving a sad Melania trailing behind.

Barack and Michelle Obama wound up having to escort Melania into the White House as her husband should have done..

Donald Trump’s supporters insist this was because of Secret Service protocols. But this video from 2008 shows the Obamas walking up the White House steps together to greet George W. and Laura Bush.

While Barack and Michelle Obama have an easy rapport, Donald and Melania Trump often seem stiff and miserable.

Take the first couple’s first dinner, for example.

The first couple even managed to make their post-inauguration dance looked like a joyless shuffle.

And how a couple can manage to make a Super Bowl party look like miserable slog is a mystery.

And here’s Melania Trump on Saturday opening Donald’s Melbourne, Fla. rally with the Lord’s Prayer.

But if you rewind and watch this moment closely, you’ll see how she appears to cringe at her husband’s slightest touch.

And once again, Twitter’s wondering if Melania is a victim of Donald Trump’s abuse.

And here’s what’s even stranger…these photos show Donald Trump escorting his daughter the right way as they board his plane.

Featured image: Video screen grab via Twitter.

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