Trump: Comey Leaked Classified Info! Comey Lawyer: Trump Is Talking Out Of His A**


Amateur president Donald Trump is accusing former FBI director James Comey, the man he fired who was investigating him, of illegally leaking classified information to the media. The problem is that Trump offered zero evidence to back up his claim.

“James Comey leaked CLASSIFIED INFORMATION to the media. That is so illegal!” Trump tweeted this morning.

Trump’s jaw-dropping claim which he casually tweeted out might have come from an article published on The Hill which was authored by Jonathan Soloman, who appears to be the chief operating officer for Sinclair Broadcasting. (See this and you’ll find that Sinclair is kind of like a televised Breitbart.) Although, I could be wrong and he’s’ a different Jonathan Soloman. Trump tweeted that just after a segment of Fox & Friends aired.

Columbia University Law School professor Daniel Richman, and confidant of former FBI Director James Comey refuted Trump’s claim.

Richman said Trump was wrong.

“No memo was given to me that was marked ‘classified,'” Daniel Richman told CNN. “No memo was passed on to the Times.”

Because facts matter:

Richman did share the contents of one memo, he said, but “the substance of the memo passed on to the Times was not marked classified and to my knowledge remains unclassified.”

During Senate testimony in June, in which he said he gave memos to someone he described as a Columbia University professor, Comey said he specifically wrote the memos to avoid including classified information.

“My thinking was, if I write it in such a way that I don’t include anything that would trigger a classification, that’ll make it easier for us to discuss, within the FBI and the government, and to — to hold on to it in a way that makes it accessible to us,” Comey told senators.

Solomon wrote in his report for The Hill that, “More than half of the memos former FBI Director James Comey wrote as personal recollections of his conversations with President Trump about the Russia investigation have been determined to contain classified information, according to interviews with officials familiar with the documents.”

Unless Comey’s memos were upgraded to ‘classified’ then this likely didn’t happen and notice that Trump is echoing an anonymous source, just like the ones he used to blast, unless it’s in his favor.

Soloman’s report does not claim that Comey actually gave classified information to his friend at Columbia. It simply states that most of the memos Comey wrote were marked as containing some classified information when they were recently shown to Congress.

Comey has a long history in the Department of Justice and he’s a capable lawyer and a wealthy man. Trump should be careful who he tries to defame.

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