Trump Continues Repeating Debunked Claim 3 Million Voted Illegally For Clinton


As White House press secretary Sean Spicer was telling the press corps Monday our intention is never to lie to you, that’s exactly what his boss President Donald Trump was doing: Lying.

In his meeting with Congressional lawmakers, Trump was repeating the lie that “millions” of illegal immigrant voters cost him the popular vote. But regardless of the Liar-in-Chief’s penchant for his own “alternative facts,” there is absolutely no evidence that proves this.

Sure, lots of politicians lie a little. Some hope to get away with it, some do get away with it, and some get caught. Well readers, Trump is finally getting caught. The media has finally woke, and the alternative facts of the Trump White House will no longer be passing as truth.

Here are just a few headlines calling out our Liar-in-Chief on Tuesday:

Wall Street Journal
Donald Trump Repeats Unsupported Claim That Voter Fraud Skewed Election Tally

Time Magazine:
President Trump Again Said Millions Voted Illegally. It’s Still Not True

US News News & World Report:
The Latest: Trump Repeats Unproven Claim Of Illegal Votes

New York Times:
Trump Repeats Lie About Popular Vote In Meeting With Lawmakers

New York Magazine:
Trump Repeats Lie That Millions Voted Illegally In Meeting With Congressional Leaders

Las Vegas Sun:
Trump Repeats An Election Lie In Meeting With Top Lawmakers

Trump first began trumpeting this lie on Sunday, November 27th, when he tweeted this:

Truth be told — and we know it’s impossible for Trump to tell it — these are the undisputed facts, as reported by Politifact:

Trump did not win the Electoral College in a landslide.

Trump did not win the popular vote.

3 million illegal aliens did not cast voter ballots.

Donald Trump is a businessman who has built his career on (proven) lies and a candidate who has engaged in (unproven) conspiracies. The man can’t be trusted. And if we can’t trust our government, who can we trust?

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