Trump Defends Calling Miss Universe ‘Miss Piggy’ By Saying She Got Fat (VIDEO)


While responding to questions from ABC news about whether or not Hillary Clinton had “gotten under his skin” at Monday’s presidential debate, Donald Trump made it clear that she hadn’t. Especially when she brought up the Former Miss Universe, Alicia Machado, who Trump defended calling racist names and treating like garbage because she was “the worst we ever had” and fat. Clinton didn’t get under Trump’s skin (according to Trump), you see, because Machado deserved his treatment.

According to ABC, Trump said:

“She was the winner, and, you know, she gained a massive amount of weight, and it was a real problem. We had a real problem. Not only that, her attitude, and we had a real problem with her.”

Trump spoke about Machado’s appearance today while answering a question about whether or not Clinton had gotten under his skin. He said that she hadn’t done so, and went on to describe Machado as “the worst we ever had,” a reference to Miss Universe winners.

It appears that Trump actually still believes that calling a woman “Miss Piggy,” or “Miss Housekeeping,” is totally respectable behavior. (Obviously, fat women should just expect name calling, especially if they are so beautiful that they could literally win Miss Universe, duh.)

Donald Trump seems to believe that women, minorities, and basically anyone that isn’t him have no expectation of respectful treatment. As the owner of the Miss Universe pageant, Trump apparently felt that he owned the winner, and when she didn’t fulfill expectations he simply harangued and belittled her until she did. Not only for gaining weight but for being a Latina: “Miss Housekeeping,” couldn’t be more offensive.

Pageantry in the 80s drew a lot of criticism. Women were objectified and dehumanized, stripped to nothing but skin and skeletal structure with a “talent.” However, when you look at the toxic stew of Trump’s commentary you will see not only sexism, but bigotry. More tellingly, instead of growing up — learning to treat human beings better — or perhaps owning his own actions he instead explains WHY IT WAS OK to treat her that way. Why he has no shame for belittling her, treating her like a show animal with a dietary issue.

It wasn’t ok. Not then, not now. Trump can’t see either.

She has become a US citizen in time to vote against the megalomaniac moron. Here is a little background on Machado, in her own words:

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