Trump Gets Called Out For Saying The Wildly Unpopular GOP Tax Bill Is ‘Very Popular’


Donald Trump did not wake up in a good mood today. The former reality show star lashed out at the media again, and now, he’s targeting Democrats. “House Democrats want a SHUTDOWN for the holidays in order to distract from the very popular, just passed, Tax Cuts,” It tweeted. “House Republicans, don’t let this happen. Pass the C.R. TODAY and keep our Government OPEN!”

A strong majority of polled voters oppose the Republican tax bill. 64 percent of respondents oppose the bill; 72 percent of Republicans support it, 89 percent of Democrats and 70 percent of independents oppose it.

Twitter users called Trump out on his lies.

Republicans got what they wanted, despite what their constituents need. Republicans such as Sen. Bob Corker betrayed America so that he could ‘cash out.’ This is not tax reform. It’s a heist.

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