Trump Gets Hilariously Mocked For Hurricane Relief Photo-Op (VIDEO/TWEETS)


Following the long Labor Day holiday, MSNBC’s Morning Joe hosts Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski were back at work Tuesday doing what they do best these days: ridiculing Donald Trump.

After Trump was seen on the weekend trying to do manly things during Hurricane Harvey relief efforts in Houston, Scarborough couldn’t help but point out that the short fingered vulgarian handed a huge bucket filled with disaster relief items to a pickup driver through the driver’s side window, rather than putting it in the truck’s cargo bed.

“You have to just take it, because if the president is putting it in the wrong place — ‘here’s your bag of cement,’” Scarborough said in a dumb-person voice. “You’re like, ‘Okay, you’ve got a whole, like, (flatbed) back there.”

“That’s why you call it a truck,” he added.

Then the actual video began to roll.

“Ok. Bucket?” said Brzezinski.

The co-hosts and their panelists broke out in laughter when producers replayed the moment Trump handed the bucket to the confused driver.

“There you go,” Scarborough said. “Okay, I’ll put that on the gearshift.”

Sure, the Morning Joe hosts did give Trump credit where it was due, pitching in to bring attention to the hurricane ravaged city. And panelist Willie Geist did say he deserved “credit,” although it was “obviously a photo op.”

Of course it was a photo-op! When was the last time, if ever, you saw our Self-Proclaimed Victim-in-Chief do anything for anyone other than himself? The man fakes empathy at the drop of a camera.

“You can tell that he’s done this — I don’t know if it was with Americares, I don’t know if he’s a Red Cross guy, but here he is helping out, that’s great,” Scarborough said, sarcastically.

“I bet they’re not breaking this down on ‘Fox & Friends,’” Scarborough said.

Trump’s truck driver moment revealed the millionaire TV reality star’s disconnect from most Americans.  Other hilarious moments during the same photo-op were left unmentioned, but social media users couldn’t help but notice:

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