Trump Has Been Wearing A Bulletproof Vest At His Rallies


Last month Secret Service agents surrounded Republican Presidential front-runner Donald Trump who appeared to be frightened as someone screamed behind him at a rally. For sure, the bombastic billionaire has stoked violence at this rallies.

According to New York Magazine, Donald Trump is now wearing a bulletproof vest on the campaign trail.

Talking Points Memo reports:

The vest, two anonymous campaign sources told reporter Gabriel Sherman, was wearing on Trump. Sherman reported Trump’s vest “has added to his discomfort on the stump, leaving him sweaty and spent after events.”

The news comes after Trump rallies grew increasingly violent last month. At one campaign stop in Ohio, Secret Service agents swarmed the candidate as one protester tried to make his way onto the stage where Trump was speaking.

The violence we’ve grown so accustomed to witnessing at campaign events, only happens at rallies for Trump.

One of the Republican front-runner’s supporters recently threatened to kill a black protester ‘next time’ after he sucker-punched him in the face.

At two different campaign events, protesters have been sucker-punched by the GOP front-runner’s supporters. Obviously, Trump is aware of what he’s doing and the violence which follows his rhetoric. Trump has gone as far as to call for more violence by suggesting that he would pay for the legal fees of anyone who physically harms a protester. People who are promoting Donald Trump’s campaign have also suggested that more violence against protesters is necessary. People like Ann Coulter, for example. Meanwhile, Trump claims to be a ‘unifier’ and he probably said that while wearing his bulletproof vest.

Trump has said that he could shoot people randomly on 5th avenue and he would not lose any supporters. But while he’s shootin’ up innocent people, he would be wearing a bulletproof vest.

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