Trump Is Losing MILLIONS As His Hotels Lose Up To 60% Of Their Business


Trump’s hotels are a major source of his wealth and prestige and his campaign of hate and racism may be costing him both:

When it comes to Donald Trump’s eponymous hotels, the name brand can work both ways these days.

“I’m quite sure that the campaign will negatively impact the new Trump Hotel, as it has the entire portfolio,” said Jack Ezon, president of Ovation Vacations. “I know from industry insiders that business is down at least 30 percent at their other properties. Our numbers with Trump are consistent with that projection.”

If there’s one thing Americans like to do, it’s vote with their wallets. And while there’s no organized boycott of Trump hotels, it’s not a stretch to see why business is down. And it’s even worse in other locations:

Surveys and booking sites show that many consumers are avoiding hotels in Trump’s portfolio.

 The booking site Hipmunk reported that its reservations for Trump hotels are down nearly 60 percent over this time last year.

The bottom line is that Trump has built an entire campaign on being a horrible person. He’s insulted blacks, Latinos, the LGBT community, women, the handicapped, etc. etc. etc. In fact, the only group he is explicitly appealing to is comprised mostly of angry white racists. This is not endearing him to the overwhelming majority of the country and people are simply taking their business elsewhere.

This is not to say that Trump will go broke; he’s far too well-connected for that to happen. There will always be banks to lend him money and suckers willing to fork over their life savings to the sleazy con-artist just for a taste of his “glory.” But that doesn’t mean his hotels will remain profitable or that his various “great” products won’t sit on the shelf collecting dust.

The more effort Trump spends associating himself with white nationalism and hate, the more people will avoid any product with his name on it. So keep up the good work, Donny!

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