Trump Jr. Floats Insane ‘Deep State’ Conspiracy From Fringe Right-Wing Site (TWEET)


One of the things that makes Donald Trump’s so-called administration so dangerous is their overt belief in fringe conspiracy theories. The one that they float the most is that the so-called “deep state” is real. This is a fringe (and completely untrue) idea that there are officials deep within the government working to undermine Trump. Some people even believe that Trump could be removed and jailed if the “deep state” is successful. It seems that one such person is Donald Trump Jr.

Trump’s mini me took to Twitter Saturday morning to post an article from far-right hellhole The Drudge Report. According to Trump Jr, the article is “proof” that this “deep state” exists and is actively working against his father.

Here is a screen capture of that tweet:

Of course, there is absolutely no evidence for this ridiculous theory, or the supposed undermining, leaking, and manipulation that supposedly occurs at the hands of this “deep state.” That doesn’t stop the people in Trump’s administration from embracing it, though. In fact, White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer even admitted from the podium that supposedly this is a real thing in the eyes of this administration. Once, a press pool reporter asked Spicer:

Does the White House believe there’s such a thing as the deep state that’s actively working to undermine the president?

Spicer’s answer was most telling:

I think that there’s no question when you have eight years of one party in office, there are people who stay in government – and continue to espouse the agenda of the previous administration.

It’s very dangerous when you have a presidential administration that is not operating in fact and reason. These people are a danger to national security, poisonous to the political discourse, and confusing to the public. Combine this with blatant and constant lies and propaganda, and you have the making of an autocratic state.

Be very vigilant, America. This is not the time to give into the temptation to believe what is coming from these fringe sects of belief. We do so at our own peril.

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