Trump Just Suffered A Devastating Blow On His Muslim Ban


One of the many problems with white privilege is that those who possess it are often blinded by its plethora of, well, privileges. The toxic nature of that privilege frequently lends itself to one who may otherwise have reason to be compassionate to a cause, group, or other general matter, to instead be indifferent to it.

For example, Donald Trump is the son of an immigrant. Like many who leave their home countryies in search of better lives, Mary Anne Trump came to America with the hopes of living her understanding of the “American Dream.” In many ways, she did just that and was therefore able to afford Donald the luxuries that have subsequently blinded and deafened him with the privilege that makes him “lead” in such an abhorrent and ignorant fashion.

As the son of an immigrant, Donald Trump should be the epitome of compassion, but he isn’t. In fact, it seems there is really nothing about Trump’s own life that makes him empathize with the people he appears to be working so hard to systemically oppress, not even the fact that two of his three wives are immigrants and the mothers of four out of five of his children.

Despite his own life sounding like immigration statistics that he now so callously dismisses, Trump continues to press forward with his brand of immigration “reform” that for some reason looks, sounds, and feels more like flat out racism. That’s white privilege.

Fortunately, there is one consistent factor that keeps getting in the way of Trump’s efforts to divide the nation via exclusionary and outright hateful immigration policies. The law. Thanks to America’s system of checks and balances, Donald Trump has repeatedly been refused the opportunity to move forward with the aspect of his immigration reform plan that includes banning Muslims from six Middle Eastern Countries.

On Thursday, Donald Trump was dealt yet another blow.

In a small, but significant win for those fighting against the Trump administration’s controversial travel ban, a Seattle federal appeals court ruled that grandparents, cousins, siblings, and other close relatives of people already in the U.S., shouldn’t be stopped from coming into the country.

As if laws, checks and balances, due process, and other key tenets of the Constitution don’t apply to him, when Trump’s ban was initially struck down earlier this year, he arrogantly tweeted:

That whole “court” thing doesn’t seem to be working out very well for Donald John — on many fronts.

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