Trump Lies Again In Alabama About The Number Of People Coming To See Him


Friday night, Donald Trump held a rally in support of Luther Strange in Huntsville, Alabama. Strange is the Republican incumbent in the Alabama Senate race being decided in a special election on Tuesday.

Trump has been putting all of his eggs in one basket, so to speak, with his support of Strange. Despite being a horrible candidate of the caliber one might expect Trump to support and an unabashed racist, Strange plays the GOP game just right, and is therefore considered part of the “establishment,” for whatever that’s worth in Alabama. That means that hardcore Trump supporters are at least a little disappointed with Trump’s endorsement of him, especially given the fact that there is a guy who exactly fits the ideal for white Alabama voters.

Trump has been tweeting non-stop about not just how much he wants Luther Strange to win, but how Strange’s “surge” in popularity can be attributed to his endorsement. In short, Trump has all but tied himself to Luther Strange at the waist.

That must be why he insisted there were so many people at the rally Friday night, including “thousands, thousands” of people who wanted to get in but could not, forced to stand outside and watch on a mounted big screen on the exterior wall.

That wasn’t the case, according to spectators on the scene:

By contrast, according to, there were three hundred people protesting Trump’s appearance in the park across the way from the Von Braun Center’s Propst Arena where the rally took place.

Once again, Trump has to lie about the attendance at one of his rallies. He is the most insecure, petty little man America could possibly have elected.

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