Trump-Loving Crazies Vow To Burn Down A Bookstore, And Symbolism Is Officially Dead


In Berkeley, California, you might expect to find any manner of left-wing-hippie goodness, with their liberal university and their legal weed, and well, just the name is synonymous with unconventional types.

You certainly wouldn’t expect to find a pair of rabid Trumpsters in the wild, ravaging a bookstore — heck, you wouldn’t expect to see a Trumpster in a bookstore in ANY city.

But the man and woman who showed up at Revolution Books over the weekend had a singular purpose in mind: To GET those gosh-durn commies!

Revolution Books posted a video on YouTube that shows the Trump fans approaching the store and accosting the employee there.

It starts with the woman asking a staff member, “I’m a racist because I support our president of this United States of America?”

“Yes, basically, yes,” says the small, gray-haired woman they’re attacking.

The big tough guy, wearing the requisite MAGA hat, called the lady “fucking commie scum,” and said, “we’re going to burn down your bookstore, you know that, right?”

“Fucking Marxist judgmental pieces of shit, you can’t tell us how to live, this is America, cunt.”

The woman told the couple that they now had video evidence of them threatening to burn down the store, which is a felony.

As the confrontation continues, the man and woman ramp up their harassment of the single employee standing by herself in the store’s doorway and brag about having been to a number of rallies.

“The only people who buy your stuff are antifa pieces of shit,” the man says, as even more of the Nazi couple’s friends show up as reinforcements against the tiny woman in the bookstore.

“Trump is gonna get rid of all you fucking pieces of shit, you know that?”

I think these two have pretty high hopes that their white supremacist dreams come true, and that little Donnie Daycare is going to somehow rescue America from the big, scary, 60-something-year-old ladies who own bookstores.

Watch the video here:

Welcome to Revolution Books!

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