Trump Loving Racist Goes On Bigoted Tirade In An Oklahoma Store


Once upon a time, many racists at least tried to hide their ignorance. Although it seems like forever ago, or like one would have to be referring to some country other than America, that time in U.S. history was only a couple of years ago, before Donald Trump announced his run for President of the United States.

Racists don’t have to hide anymore. In the months since Trump decided to run on a platform of “Make America Great Again,” then ultimately won the Electoral College in large part because of that platform, bigots have come from behind their desks, badges, etc., to openly and proudly fall in line with the era of unveiled white supremacy, domestic terrorism, and general hate that Donald Trump has ushered in.

The Trump administration has given oxygen to a fire that has burned since America’s founding. Via their lack of true condemnation of racism, promotion of bigotry by way of the Muslim Ban and other immigration policies, and general comments, Donald Trump has essentially codified racist behavior by modeling from the Executive Branch, that which has played out nationwide here of late.

It’s with the metaphoric permission slip Donald Trump himself has signed with his own actions/words, that ignorant morons like “Jack” feel entitled to verbally assault people with slurs, at will. “Jack” is an Oklahoma racist who went on an expletive-filled tirade in a Goodwill store, after hearing a woman converse on the phone with her sister, in Spanish.

No one knows if “Jack” is the clown’s real name, it’s just what he told police after initially refusing to give a name. What is known is that “Jack” is a racist jerk and no one knows that more than the woman he assaulted, Maty Roberts.

Roberts says she tried to ignore “Jack” when he first began chastising her, but he wouldn’t let up and also began harassing her daughter and her daughter’s boyfriend. Per Roberts’ daughter, Alison:

‘He just kept spitting out words,like, “You’re an immigrant and you need to go back to your country.”’

When Alison’s boyfriend, Dakota Hodge, couldn’t stand seeing his girlfriend and her mother verbally assaulted any further, he intervened:

‘Sir, are you the one who hates wetbacks?’

To which “Jack” replied:

‘Wetbacks, wetbacks, wetbacks — because you’re an immigrant. No, you’re speaking immigrant. I don’t speak English, I don’t speak English, no comprende, no comprende — you lousy-speaking immigrant.’

When police arrived, “Jack” still didn’t feel like he needed to pump his brakes. He continued:

‘Get that b*tch out of here, get that b*tch out of here. I’ll show you World War III, it starts right here. Immigrant, immigrant, immigrant. F*cking wetback. On this side of the Red River, north of the Rio Grand, north of the Red River, we speak English and English only.’

Disgusted? Well, what do you expect when the commander in chief is implementing policies that amount to nothing more than institutionalized racism?

The footage of “Jack’s” tirade is below (Warning:  This video contains extremely offensive language. However, exposing people like “Jack” remains crucial in the war against homegrown terrorists like “Jack.”):

Featured image screengrab via YouTube.

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