Trump Mocks Man Who Confronts Him Over His Vulgar Language Around Kids (VIDEO)


Welcome to Donald Trump’s America where not saying vulgar words in front of children is considered being politically correct. Where any sense of decency is thrown out the window. Where ‘family values’ Conservatives nod in agreement with everything The Vulgarian says.

The GOP front-runner was confronted by a man who appeared to object (because he’s normal, OK?) to Trump’s unpresidential use of words like ‘mother fucker” and “pussy.”

The bombastic billionaire mocked the unidentified man after he asked about a new ad targeting him over his use of vulgar words on the campaign trail.

“I was a little concerned with that ad until I saw it,” Trump told the man. “I think it’s better than any ad I’ve ever taken for myself.”


“A lot of parents are trying to figure out how to explain some of the language they’re hearing on the campaign trail,” the man said.

Naturally, the GOP front-runner inadvertently confirmed the man’s claims. He’s just not presidential. Trump mocked him for asking the question.

Watch the video clip courtesy of NBC:

“Oh you’re so politically correct, oh look at you,” he said mockingly. “Oh, I know, you’ve never heard a little off-language.”

“What would you say to parents,” the man pressed.

Trump didn’t stop his mocking. He just continued as if his response was a good one. Think about that for a moment.

“Aren’t you just a perfect young man,” Trump said. “You know it’s stuff like that, that people in this country are tired of.”

Donald Trump has been married three times and has five children, the youngest of which was born in 2006. You have to wonder about the words this alleged human uses around his children. Or, would he allow someone to talk about ‘mother fuckers’ in front of his young son.

Imagine the outrage if President Obama dropped F-bombs during his speeches. Or called an opponent a ‘pussy.’

Image: Screengrab.

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