Trump Picks Certified Lunatic Tom Cotton To Head Up Top Spy Agency


After shocking everyone with the news that Rex Tillerson will soon be out as Secretary of State, to be replaced by Republican Mike Pompeo — who himself has been doing a terrible job leading the CIA — the administration had to come up with someone to replace Pompeo.

That choice is infinitely worse.

Rather than just a partisan Intelligence chief, Trump is replacing Pompeo with a hyper-partisan, Clinton-obsessed lunatic with absolutely zero experience: Senator Tom Cotton.

Cotton isn’t just the junior Senator from Arkansas, he’s the youngest Senator in all of Congress. And that lack of experience shows.

Back in February, Cotton got positively schooled by a 7-year-old kid over Trump’s disastrous border wall idea who lamented the idea of losing PBS Kids and our national parks just to pay for a wall that most people don’t actually want.

But losing a debate to a second-grader isn’t the most humiliating thing that Cotton has perpetrated. He’s called for more Americans to be jailed, implied that Social Security benefits lead to heroin addiction, and perhaps worst of all, signed on along with 46 other Republican Senators to the infamous letter to Iran that urged the country not to make a nuclear pact with former President Barack Obama.

Many people considered that letter treasonous.

Now Trump wants this idiot leading the world’s premier spy agency.

If there has been a worse decision on an appointment by this president, I don’t want to know what it is. And I’d hate to see where Trump goes from HERE, after picking possibly the least qualified, worst possible candidate in the history of presidential appointments.

Maybe he’ll make one of his elephant-hunting sons a diplomat to Zimbabwe. Maybe he’ll re-hire Mike Flynn to be his national security adviser after Robert Mueller’s done with him.

You never can tell with Donald Trump, and this pick is proof.

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