Trump: ‘Punish Women’ If They Have An Abortion (VIDEO)


Okay, so Donald Trump is running for president on his business success and being a billionaire, but he isn’t a success with women and his employees. Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders are hitting Trump on the left. Ted Cruz brought in his own mother to vouch for Cruz on the right. Then, Trump fell in it over a woman’s choice of abortion.

Trump’s campaign manager manhandled a woman member of the media, and she pressed charges. MSNBC’s Chris Matthews played hardball with him about punishing women for having abortions during Wednesday’s town hall meeting.

Trump tried to evade Matthews’ questions about his anti-abortionist stance. In standard Trump fashion, the Donald dodged the issue. Then he gave a vague answer. Trump tried to change the subject, heading off on a Supreme Court justice tangent. Matthews stayed on point.

Finally, Trump committed to punishing the woman for an abortion. That figures.

Traditionally, lawmakers go after the physicians who perform them, but not Trump. He says there “have to be some form of punishment.”

The real crime is by an orange man with scary hair, who tries to control women.

Meanwhile, Trump’s own employees won’t even vote for him, because “he’s a walking embarrassment.” Why should anyone else?

The Chris Gethard Show” kicked off its season première by sending out Producer Noah Forman to some of Trump’s buildings to find out whether his employees would “consider voting for him as President of the United States.”

Fortunately, the show heavily distorted all the images and voices, and it is no surprise that the employees’ responses were close to unanimously negative:

‘No way in hell.’

No. I don’t like him.’

‘I’m Spanish. So you already know your answer.’

Check out “The Chris Gethard Show’s” funny, funny video below:

Featured Image: Wikimedia Commons.

H/T: “The Chris Gethard Show” and Bipartisan Report.

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