Trump Retweeted A White Supremacist British Assh*le; Now Britain Hates Him, Too


Before even 10:00 am Wednesday, our Moron-in-Chief Donald Trump managed to offend a handful of mainstream media professionals, two prominent media organizations and, worse, our staunch ally Great Britain.

In a jaw-dropping series of early morning tweets, Trump had circulated three barbaric unverified anti-Muslim videos from the far Right nazi/white supremacist movement “Britain First.”

It took only minutes for the leader of our longtime ally across the pond to respond to the orange menace, as London’s Buzzfeed reporter Alex G. Spence tweeted out:

In less than six months, UK Prime Minister May went from holding Trump’s hand in friendship as they walked down the portico steps of the White House (Donald is a ‘fraidy cat of stairs) to condemning the so-called president for promoting the phony and barbaric videos to his 44 million followers.

The condemnation became even more real when May released a formal statement of condemnation.

Even one of Trump’s biggest supporters Piers Morgan, a one-time “Celebrity Apprentice” winner, called Trump on his bullsh*t:

It seems the only one not offended by Trump’s tweet was David Duke, former leader of the Ku Klux Klan, who just loves him.

Sadly, Trump retweeting this alt-right crap fits in with everything he has done by promoting his anti-Muslim ideology, from campaign to presidency. No deleting the tweet, no taking it back, no apology would excuse his behavior, which has become as common as a cold.  But unlike a cold we can’t get rid of, we can get rid of Donald Trump.  The answer is simply “When?”

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