Trump Shredded After Taking Credit For Obama’s Economy While Claiming ‘No White House Chaos!’


Donald Trump continued his daily task of embarrassing this country. He has ruined America’s reputation globally and the damage caused by him might need decades, if not centuries, to be corrected. But more than damaging the country’s reputation, worsening relations with other countries, creating a war like situation, he has damaged the economy.

However, not only does he reject this fact, he is proud of boosting the economy to the best it could ever reach. This is what he tweeted today:

As Americans, we know that whatever he says is a lie.

Best Economic numbers in years

Apparently, the American Dollar might look strong in comparison to the British Pound, but that is because of Brexit. In general, the dollar has depreciated against most currencies. Here are a few examples to check what happened with the American dollar since Trump took the oath of office.

American Dollar against Indian Rupees

American Dollar against Singapore Dollar

American Dollar against Euro

The same could be verified against most currencies. The dollar has depreciated with respect to almost every currency.

Unemployment rate

The unemployment rate was high after the George Bush era and it was a challenge for Obama when he took the oath in 2009. The unemployment rate decreased from 10% to 4.8% despite all challenges. It stands at 4.3% right now, but that isn’t because of Trump. He hasn’t done anything about employment in particular. Furthermore, we know how the last 17 years (since George Bush became the President) were for the economy. But unfortunately, this increase is after months of anti-environment, pro-corporation policies by the Trump administration. This isn’t sustainable development.

A twitter user responded to his comment.

Wages raising

The minimum wage is still the same at $7.25. The increase in average wage is not at par with inflation. The rich are becoming richer and the poor are still poor. Even if the average wage increased slightly, it isn’t much progress because nothing has changed for the poor. They are earning the same, and need to pay more for everything.

Secure borders

Where is the wall he promised?

No chaos in the White House

Twitter users responded.

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