Trump Supporter Tells CNN Panel ‘It Doesn’t Matter’ That Trump Lied About Keeping Ford Plant In U.S. (VIDEO)


During the Bush II years a White House staffer, later identified as Bush’s “brain” Karl Rove, told journalist Ron Suskind “We’re an empire now, and when we act, we create our own reality.”

Welcome to the empire of Trump, where reality isn’t what is real, it’s what he tweets it is.

On Thursday evening Trump tweeted that he had successfully pressured the Ford Motor Company into not moving production from a plant in Kentucky to Mexico.

The problem, as it was soon reported, is that Ford never had any plans to move that plant’s operations to Mexico. In fact they couldn’t if they wanted to, because they are bound by a union agreement to keep it open in Kentucky. So the president-elect claimed credit for something that wasn’t going to happen anyway.

News outlets soon jumped on the story, which became the focus of discussion on several late-evening talk shows. On one of those shows, CNN Tonight, host Don Lemon talked to three Trump apologists who seemed perfectly fine with the idea that Trump would claim credit where none was due.

After the lone Trump critic on the panel, Bakari Sellers, calls Trump himself a “fake news story,” GOP consultant Paris Dennard steps in to explain Trump’s behavior, saying,

Actually, the facts are, Mr. Trump was outspoken in talking about how he was going to make America great again. He was outspoken in talking about how he wanted to bring jobs back.

“Specifically when it comes to Ford?” Lemon cuts in.

Dennard continues,

When it comes to Ford, Mr. Ford, Trump was very factual and talking about, how he was not going to allow that to happen under his watch, meaning leave the American soil and go across the border to Mexico.

When challenged on the point that Ford never had any plans to move the plant to Mexico, Dennard replies, “It doesn’t matter.” That brings in Lemon, who asks, “Paris, the truth doesn’t matter?”

“It’s not about the truth, it’s about raising awareness,” Dennard replies.

This is what we can expect for the next four (hopefully not eight) years. Down is up, black is white, things happen or don’t happen because The Donald says so. American voters have found the one man who can make us nostalgic for the “fact-based” years of Bush.

Here’s the conversation, via YouTube. While Dennard’s comments are the most outrageous, former Romney advisor Lanhee Chen offers some pathetic excuses for Trump as well.

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