Trump Supporters Are Trolling The Facebook Page of Missing Woman Thought To Be in Oakland Fire (IMAGES)


Approximately 100 people were in an Oakland warehouse Friday night for a Golden Donna show when a fire broke out. People began frantically looking for their friends and family members. Many used Facebook as a means to find out if their loved ones survived the deadly fire which took at least 36 lives. Some people are still missing. Alana Kane (Jennifer Mendiola) is one of the missing and her photo was posted on Facebook to the group Memorial Page for Oakland Fire by her sister.















Mediaite reports that under a post in which she asked friends to sign a petition that would encourage universities to cooperate less with federal authorities when it comes to undocumented students, Trump supporters weren’t very kind.















A Bernie Sanders supporter joined in. Apparently, he’s been making the rounds to different victim’s pages.






















And they want us to unite behind Not-My-President-Elect Donald Trump. As for the Bernie supporter, he can go fuck himself eleventy thousand different ways. I personally voted for Bernie in the primary, then threw my support behind Hillary Clinton in the general election because I’m not an arsehole. Well, sometimes I am.

Is it so much to ask that we’re kind to each other especially at such a tragic time for the victims’ families? Trump supporters (and that dumb Bernie guy, too), can you like not mock the dead or the missing? Is that too politically correct for you? Never mock the dead – you’re only tempting fate.

We hope Alana is found safe and sound.

Images via Facebook. 

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