Trump To Black Voters: You’re All Poor, Jobless, Uneducated, Please Vote For Me (VIDEO)


“What the hell do you have to lose?” was the question Friday night. That’s when Donald Trump was practically on his knees begging for the African-American vote, before a lily-white rally crowd in Dimondale, Michigan.

According to the troubled (ahem) “billionaire” Republican candidate, the answer to that question is vote Trump.

Just so you know, Dimondale is 92% white. That no one in his campaign thought to hold the night’s event in nearby Detroit, where the population of color is quite diverse, is beyond me. Maybe Trump is afraid of diverse communities. After all, he does live in a lily-white (Trump) tower on ritzy Fifth Avenue.

The irony of Trump and his campaign never fails.

There he stood,looking directly into the teleprompter filled with his rambling, albeit prepared remarks, saying this to African-Americans everywhere but at his rally:

“You’re living in poverty, you have no jobs, 58% of your youth is unemployed, what the hell do you have to lose?”

“What do you lose by trying something new like Trump?”

“What the hell do you have to lose?”


I don’t know where the number-challenged candidate gets his information — oh wait, yes I do, his fact-checker dumb Sean Hannity — but he might like to know that the jobless rate among black youths is closer to 20%, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Also, why does the Donald always refer to himself in the third person. Is it because even he can’t believe the stupid, ugly rhetoric that come out of his mouth? Perhaps his good brain imagines that if he puts blame on that “third person” guy, he won’t again have to “regret” saying hurtful things?

Trump’s continued his rambling with a diatribe against Hillary Clinton, stating for certain that he knows she would rather give jobs to refugees than American citizens. Oh yeah, he called African-Americans “refugees in their own country.” I wonder if “his” African-Americans told him that? Someone should interview the one or two, maybe three he might have had over to dinner once or twice — after they’re done preparing and cleaning it up for the Trumps, that is.

Trump then blamed the Democrats “for what they’ve done for these communities.” It’s true, Donald, Democratic politicians have done quite a bit for the underserved communities, you’re correct. I think you might have meant to say “to” not “for.”

Most polls show Clinton way ahead among black voters in particular, but that doesn’t stop Trump from claiming he has strong support from the African-American community. Omarosa told him so. In truth, which he avoids like the plague, polls show him receiving only 1% of the African-American vote.

Funny thing, Trump made sure to get his photo op in flood-ravaged Louisiana earlier in the day — and without assisting one African-American voter in that state, which boasts a large black population.

The phony liar also made sure he mentioned the deteriorating conditions in Detroit (another city close by with a large African-American population in which he did NOT hold a rally). He failed, however, to mention the comeback Detroit is experiencing right now, too. He blamed Clinton and Democrats for high unemployment, poverty and bad schools there and in other big cities, too.

His sad n’ sorry plea for the black vote continued with this:

“Tonight, I’m asking for the vote of every single African-American… who wants to see a better future…What do you have to lose by trying something new, like Trump?.. I am the change agent, I am your messenger.”

Some messenger, huh? I wouldn’t trust him delivering my groceries, let alone a State of the Union address.

Now for the real zinger of the night: “I will get over 95% of the African-American vote, I guarantee you,” Trump said.

We all can take that guarantee to each of the banks that have loaned Trump monies for his business, including Deutsche Bank where he still owes more than $35 million.

As far as the African-American Trump vote goes, I don’t think Trump supporters will take kindly to his minority outreach. Surely not this rabid Trump fan who told an African-American women to go back to the f****g field.

I think the plea for black voters by Donald Trump will end up on the deaf ears once black voters get a look at what is published by his new campaign CEO Steve Bannon, at the alt-Right Breitbart News; that being an entire section devoted to Black Crime.

My advice to Donald Trump and his campaign: Delete it.

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