Trump Tweets His ‘Thoughts & Prayers,’ Forgets He Gladly Took NRA Blood Money

Donald Trump NRA
Donald Trump NRA. Image via Screen [email protected]

Once again, blood has been spilled in our nation as a deranged gunman opened fire at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport in Florida yesterday, killing five and injuring and injuring six. Every time a gun shooting occurs — and they occur, like, all the time — we all scream and shout from our respective corners, and nothing ever happens since the NRA regulates Congress.

But now that Cheeto Mussolini will soon be the POTUS, the gun-crazed culture in America is about to get much worse.

This was Trump’s Tweet following the gun tragedy:

During the many gun shootings that occurred during President Obama’s tenure, we always could look to him for comfort and motivation. But when it comes to Trump, we can look for him to make it about himself and blame someone. But even worse is how Trump gladly took campaign donations from the NRA, a cartel that has fiercely resisted the most basic forms of gun control.

Reports show that the NRA spent $6 million in TV ads on behalf of the Republican presidential candidate, which is $6 million more than the Trump campaign has spent on itself. Trump knew he had to play to the miserably uninformed ammosexuals who speak sh*tkicker as a second language were he to secure their vote. Whether he will actually remain a huge friend of the NRA and oppose all minor gun regulations remains to be seen. After all, he’s already reneged on pretty much every single one of his biggest campaign promises and he hasn’t even taken office yet.

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