Trump Watches So Much TV It Seems Like He Should Be In A Living Room That’s NOT The White House


Donald Trump watches a lot of TV, according to a NYT report. He averages four hours a day and sometimes goes as long as eight hours.

So what? Most true blue Americans watch a lot of TV. On average, we reportedly watch five hours per day. Those over 65 watch more than 7 hours. This doesn’t even count online viewing.

Next to sleeping and working, TV is the most time-consuming activity in the U.S. according to a 2015 report:

Dear Leader is 71 years old, so shouldn’t he be allowed to watch as much TV as he wants? Even yell at it?

Here’s the problem: he’s supposedly the President, you know, someone who’s continually meeting foreign dignitaries, making speeches, reading documents, attending intelligence briefings, and generally keeping up on what’s happening in the world so he can properly make the nation great again.

The fact is, he doesn’t do any of this. He sucks up to world leaders like Putan and Duterte, soaks up adoration from his base in endless campaign-style rallies, and refuses to learn or accept anything the Intelligence community, State Department, or any other Federal agencies have to tell him.

This is what his pie chart looks like:

What does he watch? Stuff like this:

Again, who cares? It’s because he says sh*t like this:

I do not watch much television. I know they like to say — people that don’t know me — they like to say I watch television. People with fake sources — you know, fake reporters, fake sources. But I don’t get to watch much television, primarily because of documents. I’m reading documents a lot.

It shows, Mr. Trump. It shows.

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