Trump White House Begins Selling Phony ‘Presidential Medals’ At Website (IMAGE)


It takes a lifetime of achievement to be awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the highest honor a U.S. citizen can receive. Donald Trump will never get one (unless he gives it to himself), but he’s awarding his supporters with their very own presidential medallion for only $45.

The “Trump Make America Great Again Committee,” a joint fundraising effort by Donald J. Trump for President Inc. and the Republican National Committee, is selling the medallions to raise monies for the idiot’s 2020 campaign. Only eight months of chaos into his first four-year term and they’re already thinking about his re-election.

Lordy, I hope there is a tape.

Anyway, Trump voters can receive their presidential medals just by visiting the website — and participating in the re-election campaign by purchasing it, of course. Nothing associated with Trump comes free. But it’s a terrific medal. A big one. The best. The bronze medallion features a portrait of the orange one on the front (is that why they’re bronze?), and a flag with his MAGA campaign slogan on the flip side. It comes complete with wood stand, holder and a “Blue Kraft box.”

Cue the macaroni and cheese jokes.

Bronze medals go to third place winners. Jussayin’.

The campaign also released a video on YouTube titled “Promises Kept, Promises Made” to promote sales of the medallion.

Cue the thanks and praise.

The self-congratulatory clip features the factory in which the medals are made and CEO of Medalcraft Jerry Moran, who discusses what a “huge honor” it is working with Trump to develop the medallion. In the video Trump also boasts there’s been an increase in American jobs and manufacturing since he’s taken office. Yeah, well, that’s just another one of his alternative facts. But the Liar-in-Chief just can’t quit bamboozling his fans. Truth is, fewer jobs have been created compared to this time last year, and manufacturing growth is static.

But facts, schmacts. Trump knows his voters don’t give a hoot about the truth. He also knows that they’re putty in his small hands. Awarding them a “presidential” medal from Donald J. Trump simply furthers the election deal.

For those who find owning just one Trump product isn’t enough, no worries. The website offers tons of Trumpy knick-knacks and deals, including bumper stickers with his silly phrases like “Drain the Swamp”, T-shirts, and a 14-karat gold MAGA hat ornament released last year just in time for the holidays. It’s now selling for $99.

Nifty gifties also include package deals like the “Trump Golf Bundle,” combining “MAGA Hat Driver Cover,” an official Inauguration Seal golf Tool set and a signed photo of the President for only $80.

And remember that new white camp Trump sported during his Hurricane Harvey photo-op? It’s part of a new collection of “Official USA 45th President hats” that come in assorted colors for only $40. Walmart is selling knock-versions for a quarter of the price.

There is nothing sacred with Trump. He tarnishes anything. Those little hands of his are always open for some sort of payoff. A USA Today reports, he’s gotten millions of dollars from members at his international golf courses in return for access to his Oval Office.

Better order now to beat the holiday rush.


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Image: Michael Vadon via Flickr, under Creative Commons license 2.0.

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