Trump Yells At NBC News For Using Photos Showing His Multiple Chins


Donald Trump ran a campaign against political correctness, but he’s actually a delicate flower. On Monday, the president-elect invited television executives and on-air personalities from several major news networks to Trump Tower. The anchors and reporters believed they were there to discuss access to Trump, which is something every president-elect does. Instead, Trump spent a good portion of the hour yelling at reporters.

NPR reports:

Trump lit out after Zucker, criticizing his former business partner (Zucker was head of NBC during Trump’s Apprentice franchise on the network). He turned then to NBC, saying it’s the worst, criticizing its reporters and saying it could not even come up with a flattering picture to broadcast. His complaint: photographs showing him with multiple chins. NBC’s Turness replied that wasn’t true, saying it was currently using a photograph showing Trump in a very flattering way. Trump also criticized a reporter who he said was in the room, who had moderated a debate but who he had been told was very upset when Clinton lost. Presumably that was a reference to ABC’s Martha Raddatz or NBC’s Lester Holt.

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And now we know why Melania Trump decided not to move into the White House. There’s not enough room for the president-elect’s ego and his family.

PoliticusUSA notes:

The complaints that Trump is voicing about the press coverage echo those heard in countries with authoritarian regimes where the press is expected to only portray the country’s leader as perfect and strong.

In just three hours, Trump canceled a meeting with the ‘failing’ New York Times then un-canceled it.

Trump has attacked women for their looks. He’s mocked those with a physical disability, black people, Mexicans and Latinos. It’s what he does, but if an unflattering image of Trump is used, he ends up in a fetal position on the floor, sucking his tiny thumb. The thin-skinned, man-baby president-elect is 70-years-old and he’s worried about unflattering pictures being used.


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