Trump: ‘You Have To be Wealthy In Order To Be Great’ (VIDEO)


During a campaign rally in Bismarck, North Dakota, presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump had some choice words for any of you poors out there. We are insignificant. We do not count if we are not wealthy. And even though Trump refuses to release his taxes and we’re sure he has exaggerated his net worth, he said this.

MSN reports:

“There’s one more thing that we must do to make America wealthy again, and you have to be wealthy in order to be great, I’m sorry to say,” he said, in a sound bite that’s sure to make its way into a Hillary Clinton ad someday soon.

As for America, who Donald Trump believes is not great now, we are a wealthy country. We pour a ton of money into the military. And MSN is partly wrong. This sound bite would make a great ad for Bernie Sanders, too. After all, Trump’s rhetoric is antithesis to Sanders’s message. This is Trump’s ’47 percent’ moment.

As for crime, Trump said, “Help is coming, it’s coming soon. A Trump administration will return law and order to America.”

Watch, uploaded by Ryan Williams:

You know who was not wealthy but was ‘great’? Jesus the carpenter. Barack Obama, leader of the Free World. But Trump blasts him at every turn. President Obama is wealthy now though. In contrast, Trump was born with a silver spoon in his anus-shaped mouth. Americans who serve in the military are ‘great’. Our veterans are ‘great.’ The list is long but Trump won’t see it.

You know who is not ‘great’? Donald Trump, the former reality show star. Even with his money, he’s just another attention seeking grifter. The problem with Trump’s carnival barking is that his rhetoric is dangerous. Spouting off dangerous rhetoric doesn’t make a person great. It just makes that person a narcissistic asshole.

Remember when Conservatives called Obama the ‘Narcissist-in-Chief’ and then they threw their support behind the biggest narcissist we’ve witnessed during any election season.

Imagine if Hillary or Bernie’s slogan was “Make America Great Again.” Right-wing heads would explode, but for Trump, they’re fine with that. America is great now.

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